What Happens if I Miss my Flight Southwest

Southwest missed flight policy

Did you have a booking with Southwest but somehow miss your flight? Don’t panic! Just check out the Southwest missed flight policy and know your rights. Missing a flight is a rare situation; as one pays huge fares to book air tickets, they stay alert about their flight timings. But sometimes, we get caught in situations that are out of our control. Southwest Airlines understands this and, therefore, offers an easy-to-understand missed flight policy.

Southwest Airlines has always been extra courteous towards its passengers. Therefore, it designs plenty of services for their ease. And the missed flight policy has also been designed to ensure a smooth experience for flyers. All the terms and conditions of this policy are in favor of passengers. You can ask for the Southwest missed flight compensation if eligible. You may get travel credits that you can use for your future reservations.

Want to avail more information about missed flight policy? Read on!

What is the flat-tire rule of Southwest Airlines?

The airline has a flat-tire rule for passengers who missed their Southwest flights. If one has missed their flight due to unavoidable circumstances, they can benefit from this rule. So, if you can’t make it on time, you must know about this rule. However, many passengers are not aware of this rule, but airline officials should know about this.

As per this rule, Southwest will rebook you on the flight if you arrive at the airport within 2 hours after the original departure time. Moreover, you don’t have to pay Southwest missed flight fee to rebook yourself. This rule is beneficial as you can still make it to your destination after missing your flight. To avail benefits of this rule, go to the check-in counter immediately after reaching the airport.

Southwest missed flight policy – Important points to know!

Southwest Airlines has always been favorite of flyers. The airline grabs the attention of individuals from different corners worldwide. If you have a travel plan with this airline, you will definitely have a peaceful experience. This airline has multiple policies to ensure your comfort. If you have missed your flight after confirming your Southwest Airlines booking, you can easily accommodate yourself on the next flight. Let’s learn more about this policy.

  • Try to reach the airport within 2 hours after the original departure time to rebook yourself. This is called the flat-tire rule.
  • Passengers reaching the airport after 2 hours before the departure will be considered a no-show.
  • You can rebook yourself after missing the flight by getting in touch with the agent at the airport.
  • Check out the standby list, and join it if there is availability.
  • However, you can claim a Southwest missed flight refund if you miss the flight due to the flight cancelation.
  • Please note that you may not get a refund for missing the flight due to your own personal reasons. However, you can get Southwest travel credits if you cancel the flight prior to the departure.
  • To rebook your flight, visit the manage booking section or contact the airline.

What can I do after missing the Southwest flight?

If your Southwest flight is missed, you can do certain things to get your travel back on track. You must do the following things after missing the Southwest flight.

  • Contact Southwest representatives

Firstly, one must connect with Southwest agents if they know they will miss the flight. Call the airline’s phone number to interact with the agents. Moreover, you can dial Southwest en Espanol Telefono to communicate in Spanish. The agent will immediately check the standby list for you and put you on it according to availability.

  • Cancel your booking

Secondly, everyone should try to avoid the no-show situation to save their itinerary amount. Therefore, always makes sure to cancel the flight in advance. The airline lets you cancel your booking even closer to the flight departure. So if you are sure of missing your flight, cancel it immediately.

  • Book another flight

If you are wondering what to do when I have missed my Southwest flight, relax. Simply inform the airline executives. They will help you board another flight at teh earliest possible to reach your destination. Even if there is no flight availability on the same day, Southwest ensures that you can stay comfortably and arranges a room for you.

How to Reschedule a Southwest Missed Flight?

Despite being prepared to catch your flight, you somehow missed it. Now what? Thankfully, if you have missed a flight with Southwest, the airline allows you to reschedule your flight easily. You can schedule your flight again online and offline at your convenience. Here’s how.

Online Method to Reschedule a Missed Flight with Southwest Airlines

  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Check if you are eligible to reschedule your missed flight
  • Go to the Manage My Trip section.
  • Choose the section that mentions Delayed or Disrupt.
  • Enter the following –
    • A different date
    • The last name of the passenger
  • Check the next available flight.
  • Fill in the information required.
  • Confirm the booking.

Please note

You need not pay anything for rebooking your flight.

Offline Method to Reschedule a Missed Flight with Southwest Airlines

Calling a customer service representative of the airline is an efficient offline approach to rebooking your Southwest flight.

  • All you have to do is to simply dial the official contact number of Southwest, which is 1-800-435-9792.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR commands.
  • Once you are connected to a live representative, request to reschedule your flight.

Final words

So, you are covered with Southwest missed flight policy and need not worry if you can’t board yours. Moreover, if you reach the airport within two hours of your flight’s scheduled departure, the airline helps you catch the next available flight for free.

In other case, you are supported with Southwest’s standby option. However, if nothing works, go for a walk up fare or request a refund, if you qualify for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest charge you for missing a flight?

No, the airline doesn’t have any fee if you want to rebook yourself after missing the Southwest flight.

Can I still use my flight ticket if I miss my flight?

Southwest Airlines will put you on the standby list, and you can easily rebook on the next flight with available seats.

Can you rebook Southwest flights for free?

Yes, you can rebook your Southwest flight for free if you reach the airport within 2 hours after the departure.

How can I avoid the no-show situation?

You must cancel your flight booking prior to taking off to avoid the no-show fee. Or inform the airline that you will reach the airport within 2 hours after departure.

Can I rebook my flight over the call?

Yes, you can rebook yourself by dialing the airline’s phone number. Get in touch with Southwest agents and avail assistance regarding the rebooking procedure.

What Happens if I Miss my Flight Southwest
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