What are Southwest Same Day Change & Same-Day Standby?

Southwest same day change

When you travel, change of plans becomes unavoidable. That’s why Southwest has devised ways to make your trips smoother. So, count on Southwest same day change and standby when you have to modify your booking on the same day of travel. Also, Southwest doesn’t charge you any change fees. Simply pay the difference in fare and you are good to go.

Moreover, same-day changes and standby offer you flexibility to board another flight on the same day. Now, let’s know more about Southwest changes made on the same day and standby in the account that follows.

What is the Southwest Same Day Flight Change Policy?

With Southwest, you can change your flight on the same day of your trip. Simply put, the airline allows you to exchange your flight with another one on the same day. For better understanding, let’s go through the same-day flight change policy highlights – 

  • Make sure to change your booking at least 10 minutes before the original scheduled departure.
  • Your origin and destination airports as well as day of travel must be the same as with the original booking.
  • Moreover, there must be an open seat available.
  • Contact Southwest customer service representatives for a same day international flight change. Alternatively, you can visit an airport ticket counter to request an agent for a change.
  • A-List Preferred Members, A-List Members, and travelers with eligible fares are eligible for the same-day change.

Please note

For making same-day changes in your itinerary, pay extra fee or taxes as required.

What Does Same-Day Confirmed Change Mean on Southwest?

A Southwest same day confirmed change means that you are eligible to get a free confirmed seat on the new flight, if –

  • An open seat is available on another flight, taking off on the same day of your original departure
  • Your new flight is between the same origin and departure airports
  • You make the required change on the same day of travel

So, follow the rules above for a smooth same day confirmed change on flights of Southwest Airlines.

How Can I Make a Southwest Same Day Change?

You can easily make changes for the same-day flight change when flying with Southwest. Here’s how – 

Online Method

  • Find your flight confirmation number. It is available in My Account or in your confirmation email.
  • Check same-day flights operating between the same airports as your original ones.
  • Look out for the seats available.
  • Select a new flight.

The airline will email or text you for the new Southwest airlines booking confirmation and a link to your new boarding pass.

Alternatively, you can also install the mobile app of the airline. Login to your account and follow the prompts.

Offline Method

  • Dial 1-800-435-9792 or +1-888-328-1666, the Southwest customer service number.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Once a live representative gets connected, request a same-day change.

Alternatively, you can visit a ticket counter or departure gate of the airport to request an agent for the change. Airport kiosks are also helpful for same-day flight change.

What is the Southwest Same-Day Standby Policy?

When discussing same-day flight change, talking about Southwest same day standby is important. Let’s see the major points of standby policy by Southwest – 

  • Request Southwest at least 10 minutes before your original flight’s scheduled departure to add you to the same-day standby list. Otherwise, the no-show policy applies to you.
  • The same-day standby applies to all types of fares. However, Southwest doesn’t allow same-day standby to Unaccompanied Minors and group travel.
  • You can be on the same-day standby list for another flight that will take off on the same day. Also, the flight must be between the same origin and destination airports as the original flight.
  • Users of Southwest mobile web or app must mention their name in the same day standby list, 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Please note

Your changes might require you to pay fees and taxes. However, the airline will refund you.

What is the Difference Between Same-Day Change And Same-Day Standby?

Now, let’s go through the differences that travelers must know about traveling with same-day change and flying on a standby list on Southwest Airlines.

Take a quick look at the table below – 

Same-day change

Same-day standby 

A free confirmed seat on another flight. 

Retain your current flight and boarding position 

Swap your flight on the travel day for an earlier or later flight, if –

  • The new flight has an open seat
  • You have the same arrival and departure airports

List yourself for standby on a different flight.

What is the Order of the Standby List Priority?

The same day standby priority list of Southwest is mentioned below – 

  • Travelers who get rebookings after flight disruptions.
  • A-List Preferred and A-List Rapid Reward Members according to fares –
    • Business Select
    • Anytime
    • Wanna Get Away Plus
    • Wanna Get Away
  • All other travelers on the same order of fare

Bottom Line

Therefore, you can go for a Southwest same day change easily, thanks to its customer-friendly approach. Get quick same-day confirmed changes as per your preferences.

For a standby, get in touch with an agent of Southwest at the ticket counter or departure gate. Your boarding position will be the same. However, if you are moved to a different flight, your boarding position will be changed.

So, go for same-day swap or standby worry as Southwest understands and caters to your requirements in the best possible manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Southwest same-day standby free?

Yes, Southwest doesn’t charge for the same-day standby. You need not pay any fare difference.

What are Southwest Same Day Change & Same-Day Standby?
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