Southwest Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Southwest Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Does Southwest Provide Wheelchair Assistance – What You Must Know

Yes, Southwest makes the journey of its disabled travelers more convenient with a wheelchair. Thereby, helping them with easy mobility. So, if you are in a situation and wondering does Southwest provide wheelchair assistance, be worry-free as the airline provides one.

Maintaining the comfort, safety, and expectations of its travelers, Southwest has a wheelchair storage compartment. Thereby, your wheelchairs can be accommodated there easily. Are you on a wheelchair these days and have to travel with Southwest? Relax. The airline assists you in every way to provide you a smooth and comfortable trip.

To know more about wheelchair assistance that Southwest Airlines provides, go through the account below.

How to Request Southwest for a Wheelchair?

To request Southwest Airlines for wheelchair assistance, identify yourself as a traveler who needs a wheelchair once you reach –

  • The airport
  • Connection points
  • Your destination

Southwest offers wheelchair assistance between the –

  • Airport and gates
  • Gates for connecting flights

Can I Add a Wheelchair to My Southwest Booking?

Yes, Southwest allows you to add a wheelchair to your booking, whether you are making one or already have it. Here’s how – 

Online Methods

Add a wheelchair during booking
Though the official website
  • Go to the Passenger & Payment Info screen.
  • Proceed to the option of Special Assistance.
  • Click on it and follow the prompts.
On smartphone
  • Visit the Passenger screen.
  • Go to the Special Assistance link.
Add a wheelchair to an existing booking
Via the official website
  • Go to the Manage your reservation section.
  • Under the Passenger name, select Special Assistance.
  • Follow the prompts.
On smartphone
  • Visit the Manage your reservation section.
  • Hit the edit icon next to the Passenger name.
  • Select Special Assistance.
  • Proceed to request a wheelchair, as prompted.

Offline Request for a Wheelchair

On Phone Call

If you want to know, how do I call Southwest about wheelchair assistance?, dial 1-800-435-9792 before your flight’s scheduled departure.

You can also inform the representatives of your travel requirements related to the disability while booking on call.

At the check-in counter

Fill in an online form on the airline’s website. Print it and present it to an agent at the check-in counter.

How Can I Pass the Security Check With My Wheelchair?

To get through security while traveling on a wheelchair, inform the TSA officer about it before screening. Support your reason with a TSA notification card or medical other documents. Now, let’s see the screening approaches for the disabled travelers.

Passenger screening

Screening technology

The airline may screen you with an advanced imaging technology or a metal detector if you can stand independently for seven seconds with your arms above your head.


If you can’t stand independently, Southwest Airlines aids your wheelchair security check through a TSA officer’s assistance, who is of the same gender. The officer conducts a pat-down on you. A private screening can be requested, if required.

For more information, contact the airline’s customer service representative.

Bottom Line

So, if you are wondering does Southwest provide wheelchair assistance, the answer is a big yes. Since the airline understands how hectic traveling can be and when it is about disabled passengers, it becomes all the more challenging.

That’s why Southwest extends its helping hands to such select travelers. Thereby, the airline ensures a comfortable and smooth experience for them, no matter what medical mobility issues they have.

Moreover, disabled passengers are not required to provide an advance notice to get assistance at the airport. However, the airline helps them at their heads-up. So, if you have to fly with a wheelchair on a Southwest flight, know that you are covered with the customer-friendly approach of the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get my wheelchair after landing at the airport?

Inform a staff member of Southwest before boarding the flight that you need a wheelchair once the flight lands. After the landing, let a Flight Attendant identify you and get it at the jet bridge.

Can wheelchairs board first on Southwest?

Yes, Southwest allows the passengers on wheelchairs to board the flight first. It is done to provide them assistance and comfort. Moreover, their caretakers can receive them first this way.

Does a wheelchair count as luggage at Southwest Airlines?

No, wheelchairs are devices that the airline doesn’t count as luggage.

Southwest Airlines Wheelchair Assistance
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