Southwest Airlines $49 Flight Deals

Southwest Airlines $49 flights

Ready for the splendid winter jaunt? Grasp Southwest Airlines $49 flights and explore the majestic beauty of your favorite destination without emptying your bank balance. The deal is no less than a godsend for fliers looking for the cheapest airfares in full swing.

The Southwest $49 flights come in the wake of the airline’s holiday travel meltdown, thus allowing travelers to plan a perfect winter break without putting a hole in their pocket. Still confused and looking for more? Continue scrolling and find out the terms and conditions of the sale and step-by-step instructions to grab the deal. Read on to have a closer look.

What is the Southwest Airlines $49 Sale?

Are you losing your mind over the airline’s $49 sale? Hold your horses and browse through the vital terms and conditions included. Don’t miss out on any of them to avoid last-minute hiccups.

  • The sale is valid for continental US travel taking place between October 31, 2023, and March 6, 2024.
  • Travel to international destinations, Hawaii and San Juan, Puerto Rico, is valid from October 31, 2023, through May 22, 2024.
  • It is available for specific routes; hence, you must find the selected destinations and purchase flights accordingly.
  • Passengers can get fares as low as $49 only if they book flight tickets using the official website, Southwest App, or over a phone.
  • Be mindful that a 21-day advance purchase is required to book $49 flights.
  • The sale is valid for a short period and has limited seats; hence, you must get the flight tickets before the deal expires.

What are the Southwest Airlines $49 Flights Blackout Dates?

Of course, nothing in life comes without fine print, and Southwest Airlines $49 sale is no exception. The airline has excluded the peak holiday season from the sale, and you must be mindful of the Blackout dates.

  • Travel Continental US to International, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii will be blacked out from December 19, 2023, through January 3, 2024, and March 12 through March 27, 2024.
  • For interisland Hawaii travel, flight deals as low as $49 are excluded from December 19, 2023, through January 3, 2024.
  • Besides, travel from the mainland US to Hawaii will be blacked out from March 16, 2024, through April 10, 2024.
  • Continental US travel gets restricted from November 21 and November 22, 2023.
  • International travel to the continental US, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and San Juan will be blacked out from December 19, 2023, to January 3, 2024, Feb 27 and Feb 28, and March 19 through April 3, 2024.

What Routes Are Open for the Southwest $49 Sale?

Travelers must remember that Southwest $49 flights are available only on selected routes. Hence, visit Southwest Airlines and check the eligible $49 destinations before purchasing the flight ticket. A few of the routes are listed below.

  • Atlanta to Louisville
  • Orlando to Atlanta
  • Orlando to Fort Myers
  • Austin to New Orleans
  • Phoenix to Los Angeles
  • Chicago (Midway) to Nashville
  • Long Beach, California to Reno/ Tahoe
  • San Diego to Las Vegas

How to Book the Southwest $49 Flight Deals Online?

Want to make the most of your time in the sky? Don’t wait any longer and make a Southwest Airlines booking now to grab $49 flights. Stick to the instructions below and get the job done easily.

  • Launch the web browser and navigate to Southwest Airlines’ official link.
  • Find the Southwest Flight Deals page and click to launch it.
  • There, you must find the banner regarding Southwest Airlines Sale $49.
  • Click the “Book Now” option, and a new tab will appear on the screen.
  • Please browse through the terms and conditions before moving further.
  • Select the trip type and enter the source and destination airports.
  • Choose the Depart and Return date from the calendar.
  • Pick the total number of travelers included in the ticket.
  • Select whether you want to pay with dollars or wish to use your reward points.
  • Click the “Search” button, and all available flights will appear on the screen.
  • Check if your selected route offers $49 flights. If so, continue adding further details.
  • Complete the payment on Southwest Airlines and book flights under $49 deals.
  • You will soon get the confirmation email on your email address.

Can I Fetch the Southwest Airlines $49 Deals Over a Phone?

The simple answer is Yes. Southwest deals and offers are valid if you book flight tickets using the official website or the customer care representative. Dial 1-800-I-FLY-SWA 1-800-435-9792 and speak to the agent for further assistance.

Here’s how to do so.

  • Dial the airline’s customer support number and connect with the automated dialer.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Follow the IVR instructions and select the right button to reach the booking expert.
  • Share your travel preferences and ask if your selected route is open for a $49 sale.
  • Justify your identity and provide them with other details to get the bookings done.

Can I Use the Southwest Low Fare Calender to Book Flights?

While the Southwest $49 sale is the best way to grab affordable flight tickets, what if your desired destination isn’t included on the list? Don’t panic; we’ve got you covered. Scroll through the steps below and fetch amazing deals and offers.

  • Go to Southwest Airlines and scroll down to the Low Fare Calendar.
  • Kickstart the process by choosing your trip type.
  • Add the source airport in the “Depart” field and the destination airport in the “Arrival” box.
  • Enter the travel schedule and select the number of passengers.
  • Please click the “Group Travel” option if traveling in a group.
  • Please check the entered details and hit the “Search” button.
  • Browse the available flights for different months, and pick the option that fits your budget.

How to Take Advantage of the Southwest Airlines $49 Sale?

Now that you are well acquainted with the details, it’s time to round off the best ways to make the most of the $49 sale. Without further ado, let’s get started.

  • Grab early-bird discounts to unleash maximum benefits. Visit Southwest Airlines site and book flights included in the $49 fare.
  • Stay in touch with the airline’s social media handles to know about the upcoming sales and offers beforehand. The important links are:

Southwest Instagram

Southwest Facebook

SouthwestAir Twitter

  • Always book discounted flights using dollars and not reward points. It might cost you extra bucks.
  • These flights are available for non-stop routes and one-way tickets only; hence, you should book accordingly.
  • There’s no fixed time or published policy for Southwest Airlines’ $49 flights. Therefore, be flexible with your schedule to get maximum benefits.

Wrapping Up

Southwest is one of the best-known ultra-low-cost air carriers, making it a go-to choice for budget-savvy flyers across the globe. So, if you want to unleash the beauty of your favorite destination at dirt-cheap prices, nab Southwest Airlines $49 flights and redefine your travel experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay extra when booking $49 flights using points?

Yes. Points bookings don’t include government fees, ranging from $5.60 per one-way flight.

Can I book $49 flights for Wanna Get Away fares?

Sure, you can. Travel is available for one-way Wanna Get Away fares.

Southwest Airlines $49 Flight Deals
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