Stay Tuned in the Air with Southwest Airlines WiFi

southwest airlines wifi

Although Southwest Airlines is a low-cost air carrier, it leaves no stone unturned to make your journey a pleasurable experience. Whether an open-seating policy or responsive customer service, it has everything to satiate your traveling needs. One such feature that travelers cannot overlook is Southwest Airlines WiFi.

It is the only medium to connect with your near and dear ones on the ground. With this, you can get in-flight entertainment and messaging for free, thus enjoying your journey without boredom. So, what are you waiting for now? Book Southwest flights now and get the WiFi login done with ease.

Does Southwest Offer Wi-Fi services?

Long story short, Yes, it does. After all, WiFi is the only source to stay connected with your friends and colleagues in the air. Southwest WiFi makes it possible to scroll your social media handle or send important emails while 30,000 feet in the air.

The airline offers a stable internet connection on its fleet to keep you engaged through the journey. But is it available for free or do you have to pay for it? It all depends on what you are doing and what you need the internet for.

Most Southwest flights feature WiFi connect, but the speed and connectivity vary based on the aircraft you are flying and where you are going.

How Can I Connect with Southwest Airlines WiFi?

Now that you know about the Southwest WiFi services, it’s time to learn the steps to connect to the same. While all devices are different, you must follow the basic steps below to get started. Please make sure that your device is switched to airplane mode to connect to the WiFi on Southwest.

  • Unlock your device and open the Settings tab.
  • Turn your WiFi on and locate SouthwestWiFi from the WiFi network list. Click to access it.
  • A new page will open on the screen with a link – You can either click on the link or copy the URL to open it in the browser. If, by chance, it doesn’t load automatically, you can manually enter the link in the address bar and get started.
  • Now, choose your entertainment and keep yourself engaged.

How Much Do I have to pay to Buy Southwest WiFi?

What does Southwest Airlines WiFi cost? Well, travelers must be aware of the basic pricing details before getting connected to the airline’s internet services and in-flight entertainment to avoid the last-minute hassle.

  • Users can stay connected to their near dear ones when in the air by just paying $8 per device from taking off to landing.
  • You don’t have to shell out dollars to access iMessage and WhatsApp. Let those texts fly on your device and keep you in touch with your family and friends.
  • SWA WiFi may restrict access to certain high-bandwidth applications, such as video conferencing and other similar services, to provide a better experience to all travelers.

Can I Access Free Internet Benefits on Southwest Flights?

Yes, of course. While users must pay to enjoy internet services on Southwest flights, a few travelers can enjoy Southwest free WiFi. Scroll down and see who can avail of those benefits.

  • All Business Select travelers can access WiFi services free of charge.
  • The free WiFi is available for up to three devices per flight on the day of travel.
  • To access Southwest Airlines free WiFi, you must select the “A-List Preferred & Business Select” option from the menu in the portal. Travelers can authorize their devices using Rapid Rewards information or flight confirmation numbers.

What are the Other Methods to Enjoy Free WiFi On Southwest?

So, you are not flying on the Southwest’s highest fare class but still want to reduce the cost of internet access. Don’t worry; there are a few workarounds to bring this dream into reality. Scroll down and have a look.

1. Elite Status

  • You mustn’t empty your bank balance to trim the internet cost – your elite status is enough to avail of the free Southwest inflight WiFi. The airlines offer two levels of Elite status – A-List and A-List Preferred.
  • Those with A-List Preferred are eligible for free WiFi services on Southwest flights.
  • While Business Select travelers only use free WiFi services on three devices per flight, those A-List Preferred members who purchase a Business Select Fare may use the free internet on up to six devices per flight.
  • Earn Elite status with Southwest Airlines and enjoy free WiFi on plane.

2. Credit Cards

  • So, you are not flying on the Business Select and don’t have an elite status – Can you still enjoy free WiFi on Southwest Flight? And the answer is Yes.
  • You don’t have to buy Southwest WiFi if you carry the right credit card.
  • Travelers can enjoy free WiFi with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card, which has an annual fee of $199. It comes with 365 $8 WiFi credits annually and allows you to fly 365 legs on Southwest Airlines without paying extra charges to connect to the internet.

Summing Up

Connectivity has become an integral part of our lives; hence, most airlines offer WiFi services on their aircraft. Southwest is no exception and offers impressive internet speed to remain competitive with its peers.

So, why wait? Purchase Southwest Airlines WiFi now and stay in touch with your loved ones when flying in the air.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the accepted payment methods to buy Southwest WiFi?

The accepted payment methods are Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Are all devices compatible with Southwest Airlines WiFi?

Southwest WiFi is compatible with all WiFi-enabled devices, featuring iOS 14.0+, Android 9.0+, Windows 10+, macOS 10.14+, and iPadOS 14.0+.

Can I stream my favorite videos on Netflix using Southwest WiFi?

No. Southwest Airlines has blocked all high-bandwidth apps and websites to offer travelers a stable and continuous internet connection.

Stay Tuned in the Air with Southwest Airlines WiFi
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