How can I Get a Southwest Airlines Voucher?

Southwest Airlines Voucher

Is your bag delayed, or do you need to change your flight as it is delayed? If so, you will be issued a Southwest Airlines voucher as compensation. So, if you encounter any issue with Southwest services, you will get a travel voucher. You can use this travel voucher for booking your future trips with the airline. Southwest Airlines issues these vouchers as compensation to passengers who faced some issues by using Southwest services.

These vouchers add to the credit of the airline. Although LUV vouchers are issued with a date of expiry, the airline offers you flexibility to turn these into Southwest credits and use at your ease. Since, you might not have travel plans anytime soon on your bucket list. Here comes the role of turning your vouchers into travel credits that won’t expire. 

To know more, let’s dive in right away.

What is a Southwest Airlines voucher?

Southwest offers a special voucher to flyers who cancel their reservations with the airline. These vouchers are called LUV vouchers and are valid as a form of payment. With a Southwest travel voucher, you can pay for future airfare for part of your journey booked through the Southwest official site or mobile app. You can also redeem these vouchers by calling the airline’s phone number or visiting the airline’s ticket counter.

It is basically compensation that the airline offers when you have an issue, like luggage delay, flight cancelation, etc. LUV voucher is basically a way of saying, please come back and fly with us again. Please note that LUV vouchers are different from travel funds or flight credits. The airline will send the voucher to the email address of the person.

Please note

  • You can transfer your travel funds to anyone with a Rapid Rewards account. However, this is applicable if you have purchased a Business Select, Anytime or Wanna Get Away Plus ticket. The person to whom you have transferred your travel funds can use these to book a trip. 
  • Wanna Get Away fares can’t be transferred.

Important points to know about the Southwest LUV voucher

Do you have a Southwest LUV voucher? If yes, you must know some important points related to this voucher.

  • LUV vouchers and travel credits are different things.
  • Click on the travel funds option to check out the balance of your voucher. You have to enter your security code and voucher number.
  • You can’t use the Southwest Airlines travel voucher for fees or taxes.
  • The airline has lately introduced a game changer among travel credits. This was the declaration that travel credits don’t expire! So, if you can’t use your LUV Voucher before its expiry date, turn it into travel credits or travel funds.
  • Southwest vouchers can’t be redeemed for cash.

How to find a Southwest Airlines voucher?

You will get your Southwest airline voucher or LUV voucher by email. It includes your voucher’s original balance. To keep it handy and redeem when required, carefully save the respective email or print it.

If you have lost the Southwest Airlines voucher, you can connect with airline representatives. The agents will help you redeem your voucher.

Please note

Your LUV voucher is not connected to your account.

How to use the Southwest LUV voucher?

To redeem your flight voucher, you have to apply the following steps.

  • Firstly, go to the official Southwest website.
  • Start your flight booking procedure by entering your travel priorities.
  • You must click on the Advance Search option for extra options.
  • Once all details are filled in, click on the search option.
  • After that, choose your preferred flight, and go to the payment page to confirm your Southwest Airlines booking.
  • On the payment page, find out the option that says, Apply LUV vouchers, Flight Credits, and gift cards. Click on it.
  • Enter the LUV voucher security code and LUV voucher number.

How can I find my LUV voucher balance?

If you have used part of your voucher by Southwest and want to know about your remaining balance, follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Open the Southwest official site.
  • On the top, click on the Flight option.
  • After that, choose Manage Reservations.
  • Now, click on the View travel funds option.
  • Enter the security code and voucher number to know the balance of your LUV voucher.
  • Flyers can also look at the Southwest flight credit and gift card balance in this section.

Is my LUV voucher transferable?

Yes, the Southwest voucher is transferable, and anyone can use them. You can purchase the flight ticket for anyone, not for yourself only. But these travel vouchers will only cover the fare portion of the ticket. You need to pay all taxes or fees separately with travel funds or a credit card.

So, you can use your LUV Voucher to book flight tickets for anyone you like. Although, your LUV Voucher comes with a name on it but its use is not restricted to the same person. You can give your voucher to any loved one to book their Southwest trip. Alternatively, you can use your Southwest flight voucher to book a ticket for anyone you want.

What to Do if My Travel Funds have Expired?

Since July 2022, Southwest has introduced a breakthrough in its voucher rules. It mentions that its newly created and unexpired funds won’t expire anymore. However, what if there are travel funds in your account that have already expired?

You have a silver lining with the airline’s customer service.

  • Contact a customer service representative within six months of your funds expiry.
  • Request them to restore your travel funds in the form of a LUV voucher.
  • Once done, your LUV voucher on Southwest is ready to use within the next six months from the date you called an executive to request for reinstating travel funds.

This extension is one-time and costs $100 from the travel funds.

How to Turn a Voucher into Travel Credits or Funds?

You can easily turn a flight voucher into travel credits with a Wanna Get Away Plus fare booking. Here’s how –

  • Book your ticket for almost the same cost of the LUV Voucher.
  • Once done, immediately –
    • Return to your account
    • Find your flight
    • Cancel  the booking
  • Select Refund to the Method of Payment option.
  • You will get a refund of the additional amount of payment to your credit card.
  • As it is done within 24 hours, you can get a refund on all portions of your credit card.

You have now created travel credits linked to the confirmation number of the flight that you have just canceled. Enjoy having funds in your account that are not restricted with a validity period. You can also transfer it to anyone you want.

 The credit will be saved in the account, if it is –

  • Credited in someone’s name having a Southwest account
  • The booking was made and canceled by the same name

In case, it is in a different name, safely maintain the information and other details.

Please note

  • A voucher can be used to pay only for the flight fare.
  • Use a credit card to pay for taxes and fees.
  • If your ticket fare is more than the voucher value, use your credit card to pay for the remaining amount

Wrapping up

I hope this blog has all the information you need regarding the Southwest voucher. These vouchers are handy to use and will help you save on your expenses. Use the Southwest Airlines voucher to complete your future travel affordably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Southwest LUV voucher?

A LUV Voucher is like compensation that the airline gives you if you face any challenge regarding your luggage delays, flight, etc. By giving you this voucher, Southwest offers you more reasons to choose it for traveling time and again.
LUV Vouchers and flight credits or travel funds are different.

How do I redeem a Southwest Airlines voucher?

Redeem the voucher on the payment page while making an online booking. Moreover, you can visit the ticket counter or call the airline to redeem its value.

Can you use a Southwest voucher for someone else?

Yes, Southwest allows you to use your voucher to book flight tickets for someone else.

Can I redeem Southwest voucher for cash?

No, Southwest vouchers can’t be redeemed for cash.

How do I use my Southwest Airlines credit?

Use the value of your Southwest Airlines credit while booking tickets on the official site. Click on the “Apply LUV vouchers, Flight Credits, and gift cards” option to use your flight credit.

How can I Get a Southwest Airlines Voucher?
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