Southwest Airlines Group Travel

Southwest Airlines Group Travel

How to make a group travel booking on Southwest Airlines?

Traveling with Southwest Airlines can be one of the best experiences, especially if you fly in a group. Whether you are traveling in a large group or booking a meeting, Southwest group travel will make things easier for you. The airline will help you make all travel arrangements and meet your bottom line.

With this group travel service, you can book for 10 or more people flying for business or personal reasons. Moreover, the best thing is saving on airfares. When you use the group travel program, you can save maximum on your travel expenses. Therefore, the overall experience of traveling together becomes more exciting and fun. Read on to learn more about this special program of Southwest.

What is Southwest group travel?

Traveling in a group? The group travel program of Southwest Airlines is for you. This program offers discounted airfares and extra flexibility to make your journey budget-friendly and fun. When you opt for the Southwest Airlines group travel program, you receive special deals. These deals will let you fly without hurting your bank balance.

With this program, you can book together and save more. Moreover, you have to contact the group reservations desk to make a booking. Dial 1(800)433-5368 for domestic group bookings and 1(800)308-5037 for international bookings. One of the representatives will connect with you. The group travel option is for the following groups.

  • Religious groups
  • Sport groups
  • School groups
  • Family groups

Whether personal or work, you can make Southwest Airlines group booking easily.

What is the Southwest group travel policy?

If you are planning to make a group travel with Southwest Airlines, you must know some points. These are the associated guidelines that will help you avoid any hassle. So, let’s have a look at these points.

  • Please note that group tickets are non-refundable. Moreover, these tickets can’t qualify for downgrades, upgrades, exchanges, changes, or standby.
  • For group tickets, Southwest Airlines doesn’t issue any paper tickets. All tickets will be electronically issued.
  • UATP, Paypal, credit cards, and wire transfers are the accepted form of payment for group travel. Moreover, only credit cards are accepted for deposit payments.
  • For group travel bookings, one can’t use Southwest gift cards, Southwest LUV Vouchers, flight credits, and eChecks.
  • Furthermore, group bookings are eligible for unlimited name changes. You can change the name in the group booking up to 72 hours before the departure.
  • Please note that deposits aren’t applied toward your ticket purchase. Southwest will refund the deposit within 5 business days after making a final payment.
  • Tickets purchased as a part of group bookings aren’t eligible for EarlyBird Check-in.
  • For Southwest group travel, reserve your boarding position in advance. Go to the official site, and complete the check-in o24 hours before the scheduled departure. However, Southwest will not issue any boarding pass at that time.
  • Show your passport to the customer service agent to verify it if you are traveling internationally. Receive your boarding pass, and head to the security checkpoint.

How does group travel work on Southwest?

Are you planning to book group travel with Southwest Airlines? Well, you have two options for the same. One way is to submit a deposit and hold your reservation. And another way is to confirm your group booking there and then. Let’s have a look at both these options.

  • Submit the deposit

Do you wish to hold your group booking before confirming it? You can hold your reservation by paying a deposit fee of $50 per person. Hold your booking, and be sure of your travel plan. However, you can only use a credit card to pay for the deposit. Call 1-800-433-5368 to pay the amount over the call.

  • Submit the final payment

Submit the complete name list of passengers to confirm your group booking. After that, give a call at 1-800-433-5368 to pay over the call and get your reservation done in the shortest possible time. Moreover, you can pay the final amount using PayPal, UATP, and a credit card. If you want to pay via wire transfer, you need to call or email the airline at least 7 days before the scheduled flight departure. Complete the payment prior to the final payment due date so that the airline can send detailed instructions for sending your wire transfer. Moreover, you can’t pay through Money Orders, Physical Checks, and eChecks.

Why should you choose Southwest Airlines group travel?

Confused if you should book individually or through the group travel program? Well, there is no need to think twice because the group travel option is the perfect choice for making group reservations. But why? Let’s talk about some of the reasons for choosing the group travel option of Southwest.

  • No hidden fees

You don’t have to pay extra charges to make group reservations. Passengers can purchase flight tickets at the same fares as they would have paid for individual bookings. The airline believes in the utmost transparency, and there will be no hidden fees. They have to dial the Southwest group travel phone number to confirm their group bookings within the shortest time.

  • Unlimited name changes

This program allows passengers to make name changes as many times as they want up to 72 hours before the flight departure date. Southwest knows that sometimes passengers enter the wrong, and they have to correct it later on. If you are booking through group travel, you can correct the mistakes in the flyers’ names without any hassle.

  • Flexible payment approach

The best thing about making a group reservation with the airline is its flexible payment approach. You don’t need to pay upfront for your reservation when you use the Southwest Airlines group travel service. Southwest Airlines gives you some time to think before making the final payment. However, you may need to deposit $50 per person to hold a reservation.

  • Competitive deals

Opting for the group travel option makes you eligible for competitive deals and discounts. The airline offers great deals to facilitate a pocket-friendly journey. Get your hands on the amazing offers to fly at minimal fares with your group.

  • Earn roundtrip tickets

With the group travel service, you become eligible to earn one roundtrip ticket for every 29 group tickets purchased. Therefore, you will earn a free roundtrip free of cost. However, applicable fees and taxes will apply.

How to book Southwest group travel?

Booking Southwest Airlines group tickets is no big deal because you just have to contact the airline. Southwest group travel can’t be booked through the airline’s official site. For domestic group travel, call 1(800)433-5368. To confirm the international group booking, you need to contact 1(800)308-5037.

Give a call on these numbers, and one of the Southwest representatives will connect with you immediately. Share the details of all members involved, and confirm the group travels effortlessly.

How to check-in for group travel?

The check-in process for group travel is different than it is for non-group travel. You can check-in on the official site after purchasing Southwest group fares for your journey. Apply the following steps to check-in easily for your group travel.

  • Go to the Southwest Airlines official site.
  • Click on the “check-in” option to reserve your boarding passes.
  • After that, you need to enter the first & last name of the passenger along with the confirmation number.
  • You have the option to check-in individually for each person or the entire group.
  • The names of passengers who have successfully logged in will display on the screen. Additionally, their boarding positions will also appear on the screen.
  • Go to the ticket counter at the airport to receive your boarding passes.

If you have made a Southwest Airlines booking for international group travel, you can check-in only one person at a time.

In conclusion

Confirm your group travel with Southwest and travel comfortably to your destination. This specific program allows you to complete your journey at affordable fares, making your trip more fun and exciting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Southwest Group travel cheaper?

Yes, Southwest group travel allows you to save on your travel expenses by offering great deals.

How do I make a payment for group travel?

Call the Southwest group reservations phone number to complete the final payment. However, you have to deposit $50 to hold a reservation.

Can I purchase an EarlyBird check-in for my group reservation?

No, EarlyBird check-in is not available for group bookings. Passengers should check-in 24 hours before departure to improve their seat selection and boarding positions.

How many people are considered a group for travel?

10 or more persons traveling to the same destination qualify for the Southwest group travel.

Are group tours cheaper than individual ones?

Group travel is definitely cheaper because the airline offers incredible deals for group travel. Get the best deal to save on group trips.

Southwest Airlines Group Travel
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