Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards

Do you want to take trips at cheap flight fares? To help you, Southwest airlines Rapid Rewards program is here. And why not? The program is among the top loyalty programs that any airline has introduced. Thereby, you will be eligible for a bundle of benefits that it offers to its reward program members. Moreover, you can join it for free. Isn’t it a jackpot that you enroll in a program for free and earn reward points to save big on your flights!

So, get ready to earn reward points whenever you travel on a Southwest flight. Once you have enough reward points in your account you can use those to book your flight tickets in future. However, you can use your Southwest rewards the way you want and wherever you wish to. And don’t worry if you fall short of points. The airline allows you to buy more and have hands-on the reward you are looking forward to.

Gear up! You have a plethora of opportunities to earn and redeem your Rapid Rewards points with Southwest Airlines. Let’s learn more about these.

How to Earn Rapid Rewards on Southwest Airlines?

Earning points and thus earning rewards was never easier before. The Rapid Rewards program enables you to get your rewards faster. There are Southwest airlines Rapid Rewards that help you earn points whether you are – 

  • Taking a flight trip
  • Enjoying hotel accommodation
  • Eating at your favorite restaurant

Additionally, the Rapid Rewards program helps you get rewards by –

  • Purchasing the points required or
  • Sharing your points with your loved ones to help them earn rewards

Please note

  • The number of points earned is determined by the amount, fare type, and payment method selected.
  • On every eligible flight, Business Select Fares earn double points per dollar than Wanna Get Away Fares.
  • You can earn points from flights that are eligible for it. These include flights that are –
    • Booked and operated through Southwest
    • Paid with dollars
    • Not paid with Rapid Rewards points
  • You can also earn points from –
    • Travel funds
  • Gift cards
  • Non revenue travel doesn’t help you earn points that include – 
  • Reward travel
  • Companion Pass travel
  • Any travel portion bought with Southwest rapid reward points

How to Check My Southwest Rapid Rewards?

You have enrolled yourself to earn rewards and have successfully earned some. Now, it is time for your trip and you want to check your rewards to make your booking. Here is how you can access your account to know about your reward points when you hold the membership to the Rapid Rewards…

Once you are logged in, you can perform various functions that include –

  • Booking reward and Companion travel
  • Viewing your trips coming up
  • Set your personal preferences

How to Redeem Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards?

Now that you earned enough reward points and have checked that you can book your trips with those. It is time to learn how you can redeem your rewards.

However, before beginning with the steps to redeem your rewards, it is important to know that –

  • Rapid Rewards Members and Rapid Rewards Credit Card members have options to redeem their rewards.
  • When redeeming, you can purchase the points to add to your account balance with the Rapid Rewards Points Center.

Now, let’s see how to easily book your trip with points – 

  • Go to
  • Log in to your Rapid Rewards account.
  • Enter your flight details.
  • View fares in points.
  • Choose your flight.
  • Review the fare and schedule.
  • Provide your information required for booking.
  • Select the option of Points as your payment mode
  • Make the payment.

Please note

  • Fare determines the number of points required for a reward flight. So when there is a sale on fares, the points required to redeem a reward flight follow.
  • With Rapid Rewards on Southwest airlines, every seat is a reward seat.

How Many Points are Earned Per Dollar on a Southwest Rapid Reward Ticket?

Let’s take a look at the points earned per dollar on flights that are eligible – 

  • Business Select – 12 points
  • Anytime – 10 points
  • Wanna Get Away Plus – 8 points
  • Wanna Get Away – 6 points

Guidelines for Rapid Rewards are the same for domestic and international flights.

Reward prices vary as per various factors that include –

  • Destination
  • Travel day and time
  • Point redemption rate

These are subject to change until the booking is confirmed.

Any charges that you might have to pay start at $5.60 for every one-way trip for which you have paid with a credit card, flight credit, or Southwest gift card.

You can contact Southwest airlines Rapid Rewards customer service to get detailed information on this.

Please note

Traveling with rewards is subject to fees, taxes, and charges by the government or airport.

What are the Benefits of Southwest Airline Rapid Rewards?

The rapid rewards concept is thoughtfully designed to impart ease and affordability for travelers. From gaining points to booking your trip with the rewards, the airline assures that you are always benefitting. So, let us see how these rewards are beneficial to us – 

  • Enjoy taking your flight with unlimited reward seats throughout the week. That’s how the airline treats you fairly and assures that low fares stay low, without baggage fees, change fees, or any hidden fees.
  • There are no blackout dates.
  • With Southwest airline Rapid Rewards, it is easy to earn points.
  • Your Rapid Rewards points do not expire.
  • You not only earn points on flights but also on anything that you buy from the airline’s partners.
  • Avail of the latest flight deals and Partner promotions with the Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card.
  • If you are a Rapid Rewards Credit Card member, you can use the More Rewards program points for – 
    • Hotel accommodation
    • Gift cards
    • Exclusive Cardmember experiences
    • Merchandise

To know more about getting benefits on your rewards, you can connect with a customer service representative at Southwest airlines Rapid Rewards phone number, which is 1-800-435-9792.

Which Fares are Excluded from Southwest Reward Points?

Special fares don’t qualify to avail of with reward points that include but are not limited to –

  • Military and government fares
  • Charter flights
  • Service-charged flights
  • Reduced-rates
  • Extra seat and paper tickets
  • Group travel
  • Southwest Vacations packages
  • FunJet Vacations
  • Purchased from a travel agent

For better understanding, you can call a customer service executive of the airline. If you are wondering how do I talk to someone at Southwest over the phone, simply dial its official contact number. Listen to the IVR instructions and follow the prompts. You will then be connected to a live executive. Convey your queries and concerns for prompt assistance.

Are Southwest Points Transferable?

Yes, Southwest allows you to transfer or gift your reward points to your loved ones. However, it is applicable to only one member per transaction. But you can make as many transactions as you want up to the everyday maximum limit of 60,000 points.

In a nutshell, you can earn your flight tickets with Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards frequent flyer program. And that too pretty fast and conveniently. So, what are you waiting for? Get enrolled in the Rapid Rewards program now. Time to earn points for every dollar spent with Southwest and its partners is here.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
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