Southwest Airlines Gift Card

Southwest Gift Card

Who doesn’t love gifts? However, with people becoming choosy, gift cards are replacing gifts. And when the gift is for travelers, a Southwest gift card is a matchless choice. Delivered within a short time, these cards or vouchers are joyful tokens.

So, gift a getaway to your friends and family with gift cards by Southwest. These are tickets to exciting destinations and happiness.

What You Must Know about a Southwest Gift Card?

A great gift for travel enthusiasts, gift cards are amazing ways to show that you care. So, if an occasion comes up when you have to give something to your globetrotting loved ones, Southwest Airlines gift cards make the best choice. Here are its terms and conditions for using it properly –

A Southwest® gift card is –

  • Non-refundable and fully transferable
  • Free from any expiry date and doesn’t have a value until activated (Gets activated after payment clears)
  • VOID if fraudulently obtained or altered
  • Not a credit or debit card and has no implied warranties
  • Not replaceable if lost, stolen, or destroyed
  • Transformed into a flight credit with its value if the travel didn’t take place
  • Valid to pay security fees, passenger facilities, sales tax

This card is not valid for various Southwest purchases that include –

  • Vacation Packages
  • Accommodation
  • Car rental
  • Merchandise
  • Group tickets
  • Upgraded Boarding
  • Pet Fare
  • Unaccompanied minor fee
  • Onboard paid services

How to Purchase a Gift Card on Southwest?

If you have made up your mind to buy a Southwest Airlines gift card to make your dear ones feel special, follow the steps mentioned below –


Corporate customers who want to buy a gift card over $1,000 limit have to fill in this order form.


  • Call 1-800-435-9792.
  • Listen to and follow the IVR instructions.
  • Once connected to a live agent, inform about your gift card purchase requirement.
  • Make the payment.

Alternatively, you can also buy the airline’s gift card at approved retail locations.

Please note

  • Southwest has a daily cap of $1,000 purchase per credit card.
  • Individuals are not allowed to buy a gift card on Southwest that costs more than $2,000.
  • Unlimited threshold for corporate/business use.
  • Payment forms with billing addresses in the US are eligible for these purchases.

Can I Check My Gift Card Balance?

Yes, the airline allows you to check your balance. This helps you spend accordingly. Let’s see how you can check the amount remaining in your gift card.

  • Visit the official website of Southwest.
  • Scroll down to find two tabs –
    • Check your balance
    • Buy a gift card
  • Click on the Check Your Balance tab.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you can check your Southwest gift card balance easily.
  • Enter the gift card number and security code.
  • Click on Check your balance button.

How to Redeem Your Gift Card?

So, you have the airline’s gift card with you but you are not sure about redeeming it. Worry not, here are the do’s and don’ts to redeem it –


  • Use for only Southwest Airlines trips, excluding the airline’s group tickets
  • Redeem at the official website, mobile app, on-call, and Southwest ticket counters
  • Combine a maximum of 3 approaches for payment. Select which ones suit you from the following –
Gift cards
  • Up to three gift cards can be used for booking per passenger.
  • You can use 2 gift vouchers if you purchase more than the 3 gift cards’ amount. Use another payment to balance the difference.
Southwest LUV Vouchers
  • A maximum of two Southwest Airlines LUV vouchers are applicable on each booking per passenger.
  • Use another payment form for taxes and other government/airport costs with each booking.
Credit Card

For each booking, you can use a credit card with PayPal.

Held Funds
  • Every booking can have 3 Held Funds tickets per traveler.
  • Exceeding the 3 Held Funds tickets’ amount will make you use 2 Held Funds tickets. Pay the difference with other payment forms.

To get the latest Southwest gift card deals, sign up and subscribe to the airline.


A Southwest gift card can’t be redeemed –

  • Through a travel agency
  • Or exchanged for check (cheque), cash, or credit

Can I Create a Gift Card?

Yes, Southwest allows you to create a personalized gift card. Here’s how –

  • Add the email address of the recipient.
  • Enter the recipient’s name in the To section and the sender’s name in the From field as shown.
  • Write a Personal Message (optional).
  • Click on Payment.

Enter your card and billing details and click on Purchase.

Does Southwest Offer Discounted Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy a discounted card online called Costco Southwest gift card, which is non-refundable. It is usually available at $449 and doesn’t expire. You can redeem it online, on call, or at the airport as preferred.

Use it for any Southwest ticket. Moreover, each card can be used as many times as required until its value is completely used.

To avail of this card, you must have a Costco membership.

In Conclusion

Isn’t it a great idea! Purchase a gift voucher and give a trip as an exciting present to your loved ones. So, why the wait? A special occasion coming up? What’s better than a Southwest gift card that gives wings to your loved ones? Purchase one today!

Southwest Airlines Gift Card
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