Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Southwest Airlines baggage policy

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy- How much can you take onboard? Fee?

Flying with Southwest and having some luggage on you? Worried about the baggage fee or charges, passengers fear taking anything additional with them, but with Southwest, it’s not that scary. According to the Southwest Airlines Baggage policy, no matter which cabin your ticket is for; your bags will fly for free. The airline allows you to take two checked bags free of cost if they are under the satiated limit.

So, if you folks wanna take luggage with you on Southwest flights, it’s time you take a closer look at their baggage allowance policy. Don’t worry if your luggage exceeds the limit; the airline still has some options for you! Let’s have a look.

How Much Luggage Can I Take On A Southwest Flight?

Southwest is known to have the cheapest options when it comes to baggage allowance. The Baggage policies for Southwest airlines allow the first two checked bags free of cost; if someone takes extra bags, that fee is minimal too. Flying with this airline simply means no hidden charges on luggage. Now, let’s continue into the details of taking luggage along on flights:

Southwest Carry-on Allowance

Carry-on bags are free on most airlines(with some exceptions). As per Southwest Airlines luggage policy, passengers can carry one bag and one personal item onboard. The bag storage is in the overhead bin, and your small belongings can fit beneath your seat. You can bring a small backpack, purse, laptop bag, roller bag, small suitcases, etc., as carry-on.

Remember that carry-on baggage has a specific weight requirement that you must fulfill for the airlines to allow your bags on their flights.

Bag Weight and Size Requirements: Your carry-on bag must be under the Southwest Airlines baggage weight and size restrictions. The size of the bag can not exceed 24”+ 16”+10”, and if it’s bigger, you need to check it in. No such direct weight limit is discussed on the Southwest website, so you can contact an expert for more details.

Personal Item’s Size Limits: The Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy says that if the personal item is within the dimensions 16.25” x 13.5” x 8” and fits under your seat, you can take it onboard.

Checked Baggage with southwest

You need to check your things when you have more than just a small bag and personal items. The Southwest Airlines checked baggage allowance permits two bags without any charges. Each customer in the booking can take these two bags for free, provided that the weight and size are according to the airline’s requirements. You can check your bags at the airport through their self-tagging machines(kiosks) and begin your journey.

Weight and Size Limits

  • Each bag can not weigh over 50 pounds.
  • The Lenght+Widthi+Height or Size dimensions can not exceed 62 inches.

If you have skis or golf bags, they also count toward your free checked bags under the Southwest baggage weight limit. The agents who can help you check your items without a hassle are also available.

What if I have more than Two Bags to take on Southwest Flights?

If your luggage is more than the allowed free limit, it counts as excess luggage. The Southwest baggage allowance permits you one carry-on bag and a personal item with two free checked bags onboard. Anyone who wishes to take extra bags or a third checked bag on the flight must pay for it.

Southwest charges a 75 USD fee for any third checked bag with a maximum weight of 50 pounds, and dimensions can not exceed the allowed limit. Communicate with an airport agent beforehand to leave out all the wait time later while checking in.

How much do I need to pay for overweight and oversized bags on Southwest?

Southwest has set a size and weight requirement for each passenger flying with luggage. A payable charge is mandatory if a bag exceeds the allowed weight or size limit.

Overweight Bags

The allowed limit for bags’ weight under Southwest Airlines baggage policy is 50 pounds on checked bags. If any bag exceeds this maximum weight requirement, it falls under the overweight category, and passengers need to pay $75 extra for this. Under this condition, the extra weight can not be more than 100 Lbs, or you won’t be allowed to check that in.

Oversized Bags

The allowed dimensions for carry-on and checked bags are already stated in the Southwest baggage allowance. If your carry-on bags exceed their size dimensions, they must be checked in. However, if a checked bag’s dimensions exceed the allowed limit, you need to pay 75 USD extra. The maximum allowed oversized bag dimensions are 80 inches.

Summary of Southwest Baggage Policy

You must observe the weight and size limits of a checked bag. It is possible to substitute a golf bag for one of the checked bags, yet the weight limit still applies. If you are transporting snow ski equipment, Southwest Airlines allows two containers (containing one pair of skis or snowboard, a set of poles, and a pair of ski/snowboard boots) to measure as one, even if they are packed and tagged separately.

Note that the measurements of the bag may differ depending on the type of seat and aircraft. The smallest length, width, and height that can fit under each seat are also taken into consideration. Call the Southwest representative phone number to know more about the baggage policy and other details.

You can also get in touch with our customer service team if the call wait times are too long for you. The numbers given below will provide you with complete information.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy
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