Halloween day

Halloween day

Enjoy the spine-chilling experience of Halloween 

What comes to your mind when you think of Halloween? cobweb? a lost child? a witch arriving on her broom? or rain and thunder? Without a doubt, Halloween day is the spookiest celebration of all. But this tradition is thoroughly enjoyed by both the kids and adults with lots of enthusiasm and passion. 

You can spot beautiful Halloween decorations, streets lit with special Halloween lights, and kids buzzing around the street for trick or treat.

How many days until Halloween?

Halloween is not about the woos, but boos. You folks can never let the rest of your curious mind, though you already know when is the week full of chills arriving. Get geared up for candy and scary decoration shopping, since there are only 30 days left for the spookiest festival, Halloween to arrive. Do not forget to plan that out-of-d-box Trick-a-Treat with the kids on your housel; because soon you’d be looking out for ghosts or someone dressed up as one. Buckle up people; the ghoul’s nights are just a month away!

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

You must be wondering what day is Halloween. For all the unaware souls, Halloween falls on the 31st of October every year followed by all saints day on the 1st of November.

Halloween is celebrated to welcome harvest, with bonfires and people wearing costumes. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter and for the same reason traced to the old festival called Samhain.  It is also traditionally known as  “All Hallows’ Eve”. This tradition celebrates a long strong bond between the human and the spirit world and as per the celts, this veil is at the thinnest during this time 

The celts believed that this is an ideal time to communicate with the divine and dead world. They also believed that some mischievous spirits could spoil their crops and hence the bonfires were lit to ward off the spirits. 

How is Halloween celebrated?

In ancient times the Irish carved demon faces out of the turnips and lit candles inside the turnips. This lit turnip was placed at the door and windows  This carved-out turnip was also called “Jack-O’-Lantern”. 

But today Halloween is celebrated in a grandeur way. Adults and children start an extravagant search for the most suitable Halloween costumes. The market gets flooded with the most beautiful Halloween decoration.

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What are the fun family things to do on Halloween?

This is family bonding time and you can indulge in a lot of activities together, some of which are listed below:

  • Accompany your kids for a fun trick or treat around the neighborhood
  •  Play the most popular game of Hiding and seek candies,  with the neighborhood kids
  • This is the best time to share ghost stories with your kids and friends to intensify the Halloween spirit
  • Scaring off your friends or neighbor is a fun activity too.
  • Make handcrafted Halloween decorations with your family
  • Bake delicious still scary Halloween treats with your family
  • Watch the scariest movie “Halloween kills  with your family
  • Customize your and your family’s customs as their favorite character

What are the fun facts about Halloween?

Halloween is a fun celebration and we must make the fullest of it. Some of the fun and spooky facts about Halloween are

  • The turnip “jack o lantern” is derived from the Irish legend devil stingy Jack
  • The Halloween folklore stories are the scariest stories full of magic
  • Halloween is an ancient Celtic Festival  
  • The most famous building in the United States has witnessed many ghostly spotting and mysterious sounds 
  • During Halloween, most American families spend on Candies, decorations, and Halloween customs
  • In ancient times corn candy was known as the chicken feed
  • It took only 16.47 seconds to carve a pumpkin
  •  Some of the Age-old traditions included finding a husband
  • During  WWII, trick and treat was stopped due to the sugar shortage
  • After Christmas, Halloween is  regarded as the 2nd biggest commercial holiday

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Halloween day
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