How do I Ask for a Southwest Airlines Refund

How to Get a Refund from Southwest Airlines?

Did you plan a lot and now can not take your flight because of some unexpected trouble? If your flight is with Southwest Airlines, you can rest assured and cancel it. The airline will take care of the refunds for you. Check out the Southwest Refund Policy to request a ticket refund on your flight without a hassle.

Southwest has the most generous ticket refund policy and cancellation options for you. You can take a closer look at the sections below and clearly understand how refunds work with the airline.

Can I get a refund from Southwest Airlines?

Yes, flyers who cancel their reservations within 24 hours of the original booking time can easily claim a refund. This is the risk-free period, and each passenger is allowed to cancel their bookings for free within this time frame. There will be no cancelation fee when you cancel within this risk-free period. Moreover, you will get a full refund for the cancelation. However, you must ensure that your booking is at least 7 days prior to the flight departure.

Flyers who have refundable flight tickets can request a full refund upon the cancelation, regardless of the time of the cancelation. For example, Business Select tickets and Anytime tickets can be canceled for a full refund at any point of time. For bookings made through a third party, contact that third party to initiate the cancelation. Please note that Southwest will initiate the refund in the original payment mode that flyers have used for making a booking.

What is Southwest Airlines Ticket Refund Policy?

Before you cancel your flight, it is quite important to take in all the details about Southwest Airlines refund policy. These are the set of rules that determine whether you will get a refund for the flight you cancel.

You can get a full refund on canceling a Southwest flight under their 24-hour cancellation rule. All of Southwest Airlines’ fares are not refundable at all. When you cancel a Southwest flight, you can get only flight credits for some fares like Wanna Get Away. On the other hand, Southwest Anytime and Business Select are eligible for a refund. You can only get a Southwest Airlines refund for the unused portion of your ticket booking. Fares that are refundable without any restrictions can also be used for future travel within 12 months of the date of booking. The airline will refund the amount to your original payment forms as long as they are refundable fares.

If you abide by this Southwest refund policy while you cancel your southwest flights, you can get easy refunds and enjoy your vacations when you are ready.

How can I request a refund from Southwest?

Are you eligible for a refund? If yes, then you must know how you can claim it. Passengers can request their refund online and offline both ways. Moreover, claiming a refund from the airline is no hassle because Southwest is a great airline that tries to help flyers in every situation. Here are ways to request a refund from Southwest.

  • Via call

You can give a call at the phone number of Southwest to get in touch with airline travel agents. Speak to the assigned agent about the refund request. Firstly, the Southwest representative will check your eligibility and will initiate the refund request if you are eligible for it. Calling is one of the easiest ways to get your money from the airline.

  • Via email option

Another way to claim a refund is to use the “Email Us” option. Go to the Southwest official site or its mobile app, and locate the “Email Us” option. Share the appropriate information with the agent, and send the email. After that, the executives will process your refund once they verify your eligibility.

How do I receive a method-of-payment Refund from Southwest?

According to the refund policy for southwest airlines, it issues refunds in the same manner as the original payment, regardless of the method of payment:

Credit card: Within seven business days of receiving your request, your refund will be applied to the same account.

Cash: For domestic travel, refunds will be issued by cheque by 20 business days from the requested date. For details on refund procedures when booking an international flight in local currency, see the International Travel details on the Southwest website.

Rapid Rewards Wallet: The Rapid Rewards account that was used to make the flight reservation will receive the points returned. Any taxes or fees that weren’t paid using points could be reimbursed as a refund for the mode of payment or as a flight credit that could be applied to a future flight.

Gift cards LUV vouchers: Please get in touch with Southwest customer service if the booking is canceled less than 24 hours after booking. The Southwest gift card or Southwest LUV Voucher will be returned as a flight credit if the reservation is canceled after 24 hours.

Flight Credit: Any Southwest flight credit applied toward a Business Select or Anytime rate during a previous reservation will be returned as flight credit.

Quick tips to get a Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket Refunds

Whether you paid cash or Rapid Rewards points when you initially bought your ticket determines whether you are eligible for a refund under the Southwest cancelation policy. Additionally, some flight upgrades, such as Early Bird check-in, are nonrefundable. Your payment for Early Bird boarding will only be reimbursed if you cancel a flight where it was purchased.

For cash-only flight reservations

The cheapest Wanna Get Away tickets are often offered by the airline, and you’ll only get reimbursed if you decide to cancel. The new Wanna Get Away plus fare is the same. You must reserve an Anytime or Business Select ticket from Southwest if you want your money returned to the original mode of payment rather than as a travel voucher.

For Rapid Rewards bookings

The cancellation policy for award tickets purchased with Southwest Rapid Rewards points is lenient. Your points will be automatically returned if you need to cancel a flight that you paid for with Southwest Rapid Rewards points.

In addition, you can convert any taxes and fees that you paid with your points into travel dollars for future travel or have them returned to your original payment method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Southwest have a refund policy?

Yes, Southwest has a very generous refund policy where you can cancel your flights and get a refund within 24 hours of the booking. For nonrefundable flight tickets, you will get a flight credit after 24 hours.

What is southwest airlines refund policy?

According to the Southwest refund policy, the airline will offer you a refund on tickets as long as you cancel them at least 10 minutes before the departure of the flight.

Is anytime on Southwest refundable?

Yes, Southwest Anytime fares are refundable, and you can cancel them anytime before the departure to receive a refund.

Will Southwest offer refunds for Early Bird Check-in?

No, there won’t be any refunds for EarlyBird Check-In. You will lose your investment in EarlyBird Check-In if you need to cancel your flight. The cost of EarlyBird Check-In will be reimbursed if Southwest cancels your flight. Call Southwest at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA if you don’t get a refund.

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