Southwest Airlines Check In

As your date of travel with Southwest Airlines approaches, you look forward to check-in well on time. To facilitate you, there are different ways to complete Southwest airlines check in process. Whether online or offline, you can check in to your flight as per your convenience. Moreover, you can select your preferred seats, check baggage, request special meals, and more during check-in.

As you get boarding passes after checking in, simply display their barcode at the security checkpoint and proceed without any hassle. So, here is some information about the check-in process and other details when you are flying with Southwest. Go through this account, check in smoothly, and board your flight.

What is Southwest Airlines Check In Policy?

Before you start with your check-in process to board your flight on time, it is good to know the policy devised for check-in at Southwest. Here are the highlights of the Southwest airlines check in policy for your reference – 

  • You can initiate online check-in before 24 hours of the scheduled departure of your flight, using your confirmation number and name.
  • Your check-in also depends on your ticket type. For instance, travelers with Business Select tickets can have priority boarding, better seat selection, and earlier access to overhead bins.
  • Check your baggage 60 minutes prior to your scheduled departure. However, if you are traveling to Aruba, check in 75 minutes before.
  • As per SW airlines check in policy, if you won’t be traveling on any flight segment of your itinerary, cancel your booking at least 10 minutes before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If you don’t cancel the Wanna Get Away fare flight segment at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure, it will be marked a no-show. And there will be no refund on the remaining Wanna Get Away balance. Those traveling with Business Select and Anytime Fare, will get a travel credit for the fare value.

How to Check-in on a Southwest Flight?

When you are done with your booking and traveling preparations, time for Southwest check-in comes up. Here are the options to complete your check-in with Southwest – 


Web check-in
  • Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines.
  • Go to the Check-in page.
  • An online form will open prompting you with the message – Check in for your flight.
  • Enter your booking confirmation code as well as first and last names.
  • Click on the Check-in button.

Thereafter, Southwest will send you an email or text for completing checkin successfully.

Mobile check-in
  • Download the app from the App Store or Play Store on your device.
  • Sign Up/Login to your account.
  • Enter your booking code and last name.
  • Follow the prompts like flight selection to check-in.

At the airport

Ticket counter check-in
  • Keep your ID proofs handy.
  • Provide your photo IDs, booking code, or a printout of the ticket.
  • Get a boarding permit to board your flight.
  • Proceed to the security checkpoint after submitting the duly filled check-in form.
Curbside check-in

Selected US airports have curbside check in. It allows check-in to travelers who are traveling only with hand luggage. Moreover, SWA passengers have the City check in facility at some airports. The airline’s curbside check-in is available 24*7.

Self-service kiosk check-in
  • Reach a kiosk.
  • Provide your photo ID and booking code/PNR.
  • Choose seats, if you want.
  • Get a boarding permit.

Please note

  • When traveling with Southwest airlines, those who are not allowed to check-in online include wheelchair users, unaccompanied minors, and infants.
  • Online check-in allows Southwest travelers to select seats and meals, check baggage in advance, etc.

How to Obtain a Southwest Airlines Boarding Pass?

After you are done with Southwest flight check in, you can obtain your boarding pass, whether online or offline as you please.

  • You can download your boarding on your smartphone after mobile check-in.
  • When you go for web check-in, the airline sends you the boarding pass on your registered email ID.
  • You can also print your boarding pass –
    • At the airport 
    • Ticket counter

What are the Southwest Airlines Check-In Timelines?

Arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight to properly complete the check-in for Southwest flights and security checks among other required formalities before boarding the flight.

  • Domestic flights – 45 minutes before the departure
  • International flights – 30 minutes before the departure
  • Domestic flights in the U.S – 2 hours before departure
  • International flights in or out of the U.S – 3 hours before departure

So, as soon as you have made a Southwest airlines booking, stay updated with the check-in timelines to do it in time and be free from any last-minute hassles.

Is Southwest Airlines Check-In Free?

Yes, the airline doesn’t charge you any fee to check-in. The process of Southwest check in to flight is free. However, using offline methods to check-in demands extra charges as set.

You can have free first two checked bags in accordance to the dimensions and weight restrictions of the airline. However, for every additional or oversized bag (50+ pounds or larger than 62 inches), you have to pay charges, per way.

In a nutshell, you can have a smooth check-in with Southwest Airlines, thanks to its flexible methods available both online and offline. Additionally, you have the choice to go for Southwest airlines check in for specific travelers as well as an entire group.

So, do you have a trip in the next 24 hours? Hurry! Check-in to your flight now.

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