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Mexico is a famous destination that is known for its colorful culture, rich ethnicity, and great geographical diversity. No wonder, people book Southwest vacations Mexico frequently. The destination treats you to a host of attractions that range from historic ruins and colossal canyons to well-preserved colonial cities. You can also go hiking, bask in tropical settings, and relax on the dazzling white beaches, splashed with white powdery, soft sand.

Overall, this country in the southern portion of North America never ceases to surprise you. From sightseeing pleasure to historically blessed sites, Mexico pampers its visitors with a plethora of hotspots. Moreover, you can save big with Southwest vacations last minute deals and have an easily affordable trip. If you love greenery, explore the lush woods, visit the vast golden stretches at its delightful deserts, and hike up the majestic mountains.

So, here are some of the best attractions of Mexico that command your visit.

What are the Best Attractions of Mexico?

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Scoring an important place among the most loved tourist destinations in the world, Mexico attracts more than 20 million vacationers from across the continents every year. Mostly, people celebrate this destination for the Aztecs and the Mayans, beach resorts by the sides of the Pacific and Caribbean, and tequila among others, Mexico offers something to travelers of every taste.

You can book your trips online or by calling a Southwest vacations customer service representative. To help you prepare your itinerary, here is the countdown of some of the best attractions of Mexico.

1. Monte Alban

Monte Alban

Also known as the White Mountain, Monte Alban was the  ancient capital of the Zapotec civilization. The place looks over the Valley of Oaxaca. Today, it is regarded as one of the most loved archeological spots of Mexico.

Apart from giving you several opportunities to soak in the natural beauty of the valley and the mystical aura that wraps it, you can delight in the lovable ruins and other attractions that speak highly of those times. Do add this site to your Southwest Mexico vacations and visit hotspots that include –

  • The ruins of buildings around a hilltop terrace
  • The Gran Plaza
  • Two colossal pyramid mounds
  • Stepped platforms and terraces

2. Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve

If you are visiting the central highlands of Mexico, don’t miss out on the annual Monarch butterfly migration. It is one of the most spectacular phenomena of nature. No wonder, people come here to witness the scene when Monarch Butterflies travel to western central Mexican jungles from eastern Canada. Millions of these butterflies span a journey of almost 3000 miles!

For a pocket-friendly trip, choose from Southwest vacation deals and visit this Biosphere Reserve that lies within the region of forested mountains. These butterflies start with their 8-month long migration in spring. And to visit this place is a sheer delight.

3. The Great Pyramid of Cholula

The Great Pyramid of Cholula

A celebrated archeological site that houses the world’s biggest pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Cholula stands on the outskirts of Puebla. Its colossal size overwhelmed the Aztecs so much that they used to believe that Xelhua – the mythological giant built it.

During the Postclassic period, people used to bury the deceased near the pyramid. It was long after people had abandoned the place. So when you book Southwest vacations Mexico, don’t forget to include it in your itinerary. Let’s take a look at a few interesting facts of this amazing attraction – 

  • Toltecs built this pyramid.
  • The place is fondly addressed as Tlachihualtepetl.
  • It is noteworthy that the pyramid was constructed in four stages and the first stage construction started 2300 years ago! It is interesting
  • The pyramid has a Cathedral atop.
  • A huge part of this pyramid is overgrown.
  • It looks like a natural hill.

4. Uxmal


Just before the top position among the hotspots of this destination, Uxmal attracts your attention. When planning a trip to Mexico, make sure that you have kept time to visit thai place. For a smooth booking offline, you can connect with a customer service representative on the Southwest vacations phone number 1-800-243-8372 or 1-888-328-1666 (toll-free).

Uxmal is an ancient Mayan city that draws a host of history buffs and keen tourists alike. Here are some of the fascinating facts of this site – 

  • It was primarily built in the 9th century.
  • The city stands almost 55 km in Yucatan and was the erstwhile capital of the region.
  • Uxmal is a prime example of Puuc architecture.
  • The Magician’s Pyramid is the tallest in Uxmal.

5. El Tajin

El Tajin

The Classic Veracruz culture founded El Tajín, which was once a significant gulf coast city. The site is much-loved among the vacationers from across the continents, thanks to its buildings that were mostly constructed from 600 AD to 900 AD. to visit this place at budget, book Southwest vacations all-inclusive package.

These ruins are wrapped by jungles today. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this spot – 

  • The place was once the civilization’s political and administrative center.
  • It has over 150 identified buildings.
  • The most remarkable structure is the Pyramid of Niches.

Therefore, you can have a great time in Mexico amidst its expansive landscape. And if you need guidance about booking your trip there, contact a Southwest airlines representative who will help you promptly.

Oozing with archaeological wonders, Mexico overwhelms you with its riches and stories associated with each. Go shopping to buy home souvenirs in its cheerful cities, pamper your palate with its authentic culinary treats, and relax at its calm beaches.

So, why the wait? Book Southwest vacations Mexico and set off for a trip of a lifetime.

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